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Project Solutions is the leading final year engineering project providers for IT and Computer Science students across India

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Legacy : what we created!

Since its inception in 2007, Project Solutions has delivered more than 15,000+ projects to students across the globe. Our client base consists of students of B.E., BTech, M.E., MTech, MSc, BSc, MCA, BCA and MS students. We assist them in their information technology and computer science’s final year project. Along with the precompiled project list, we also undertake customized projects of our clients.

Our skill set consists of expertise in Java, C++, C#, Android, .Net, J2ME, Cloud Computing, Networking, Php, Databases etc. We have a strong team of 58 individuals to accomplish the assignment in committed time period.

Get Support-when you think!

Our support team is available for your assistance practically 24/7. With a dedicated support team and satisfactory client assistance, we stand apart in the business. We are the only vendors in India with a dedicated client support application. Using this application, our clients can track their project progress, schedule an appointment (online or physical) and raise questions to the technical team.

Along with the support team, we also assign a dedicated professional to your group, who mentors you and assists you from the time of confirmation of the project till its delivery. These support services are available to you irrespective of your location. Our support team is available at your vicinity through online medium (TeamViewer, Skype or chat app) or telephonic conversation.

Sponsorship - To boost your profile.

We also facilitate our clients with sponsorship certificate for their projects. This certificate helps to increase the weightage of their profile. We have partnered with several IT firms in the industry to provide our clients with a sponsorship certificate. Along with sponsorship, we also help our clients to get placements or internships in these companies.

Undiscovered projects @ affordable cost!

We believe in providing quality products at the lowest price possible. Our management team strives hard to provide your projects at affordable prices. We are the most economical final year project providers in Maharashtra and other parts of India providing detailed explanation and support for it.

Likewise, we deliver projects to our clients outside India at a nominal cost. We take great pride in bringing service of highest mark at a reasonable price.

We have cut down all your distance barrier.

Our clients consist of individuals in different countries of the world. We provide them with a quality service and satisfactory support without meeting them in person. Our sales and support staff are available for discussion through online applications like TeamViewer, Skype or chat apps or even through telephonic conversation.

Along with that, we have our own dedicated support application to counter your doubts as soon as possible. The project explanation and delivery is smoothly done irrespective of the client’s location. Our support team is available 24/7 for your assistance during or post delivery of the project.

Complete Explanation with doubt solving.

We believe in delivering a perfectly tested and simple code to our clients in committed time. At the time of development of the project, our technical team specially takes care that the code written consists of simple logic and syntax. We ensure that our clients understand what we deliver to them. During the time of delivery of each project, we also provide a comprehensive explanation for it. In this phase, our technical team describes the purpose of each module and sweeps through the entire code to explain its importance and relevance.

Post delivery too, students can review their code and get in touch with our support team to clarify their doubts related to code. This explanation of code is provided offline at our delivery points or online by our team members using applications like TeamViewer or Skype. This session helps our clients to assimilate the assignment’s logic and code properly.


by Amit, Nashik
Distance was never a problem with us, technical support app and other mediums helped a lot.
by Pranali, Pune
They helped me with the presentations too along with the Project.
by Nikhil, Mumbai
My problems related to project were just a phone call away from getting solved.

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