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Joint Relay and Jammer Selection for Secure Two-Way Relay Networks.

NameJoint Relay and Jammer Selection for Secure Two-Way Relay Networks.
Categorysecure computing

In this paper, we investigate joint relay and jammer selection in two-way cooperative networks, consisting of two sources, one eavesdropper, and a number of intermediate nodes, with secrecy constraints. Specifically, the proposed schemes select two or three intermediate nodes to enhance security against the malicious eavesdropper. The first selected node operates in the conventional relay mode and assists the two sources to exchange data with each other in the amplify-and-forward protocol. The second and third selected nodes are used in different communication phases as jammers in order to create intentional interference upon the eavesdropper. We find that in a scenario where the relay and jamming nodes are randomly and sparsely distributed, the proposed schemes with cooperative jamming outperform the conventional non-jamming schemes within a certain transmitted power range. We also find that, in a scenario where the intermediate nodes gather as a close cluster, the cooperative jamming schemes may be less effective than their non-jamming counterparts. Therefore, we introduce a hybrid scheme to switch between jamming and non-jamming modes. Simulation results validate our theoretical analysis that the hybrid switching scheme further improves the secrecy rate.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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