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optimization of Horizontal Aggregation in SQL by Using K-Means Clustering.

Nameoptimization of Horizontal Aggregation in SQL by Using K-Means Clustering.
Categorydata mining

To analyze data efficiently, Data mining systems are widely using datasets with columns in horizontal tabular layout. Preparing a data set is more complex task in a data mining project, requires many SQL queries, joining tables and aggregating columns. Conventional RDBMS usually manage tables with vertical form. Aggregated columns in a horizontal tabular layout returns set of numbers, instead of one number per row. The system uses one parent table and different child tables, operations are then performed on the data loaded from multiple tables. PIVOT operator, offered by RDBMS is used to calculate aggregate operations. PIVOT method is much faster method and offers much scalability. Partitioning large set of data, obtained from the result of horizontal aggregation, in to homogeneous cluster is important task in this system. K-means algorithm using SQL is best suited for implementing this operation

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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