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Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining

NameEffective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining
Categorydata mining

Service discovery studies in vehicular networks that guarantee QoS requirements to service requesters are very important. To the best of authors’ knowledge, none of the existing service discovery protocols in vehicular networks have been provided in the literature that guarantee QoS to service requesters and to the vehicular network. For efficient service discovery in vehicular networks, it is very important to provide users with services that suit better to their requests while balancing the load on service providers. Moreover, for service discovery protocol integrated with routing protocols, it is important to guarantee load balancing on routing paths between service providers and service requesters. In this article, we present a QoS aware location-based service discovery protocol for vehicular networks. Our protocol guarantees load balancing on service providers, and routing paths between service providers and service requesters. It permits also to choose service providers and routing paths between service providers and service requesters that satisfy some performance attributes specified by service requesters. We present our QoS aware protocol, prove its correctness, report on its performance evaluation, and discuss our experimental results we have obtained using realistic scenarios.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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