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SocialTube: P2P-assisted Video Sharing in Online Social Networks

NameSocialTube: P2P-assisted Video Sharing in Online Social Networks
Categorysecure computing

online social networking is mostly used for the video sharing. Issue comes in sharing is not only costly in terms of server bandwidth and storage but also not scalable. The peer-assisted Video-on-Demand (VOD) technique, in which participating peers assist the server in delivering video content has been proposed recently. Unfortunately, videos can only be disseminated through friends in OSNs. Therefore, current VOD works that explore clustering nodes with similar interests or close location for high performance are suboptimal, if nSpecifically, SocialTube incorporates three algorithms: a social network (SN)-based P2P overlay construction algorithm, a SN-based chunk prefetch algorithm, and a buffer management algorithm.ot entirely inapplicable, in OSNs. Based on our long-term real-world measurement of over 1,000,000 users and 2,500 videos in Facebook, we propose SocialTube, a novel peer-assisted video sharing system that explores social relationship, interest similarity, and physical location between peers in OSNs.

is ieee
ieee paper year2015
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