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•An efficient edge detection algorithm for flame and fire image processing

Name•An efficient edge detection algorithm for flame and fire image processing
Categoryimage processing

Gaurav Yadav et al / Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE) ISSN : 0976-5166 Vol. 3 No. 2 Apr-May 2012 Present work is an in depth study to detect flames in video by processing the data captured by an ordinary camera. Previous vision based methods were based on color difference, motion detection of flame pixel and flame edge detection. This paper focuses on optimizing the flame detection by identifying gray cycle pixels nearby the flame, which is generated because of smoke and of spreading of fire pixel and the area spread of flame. These techniques can be used to reduce false alarms along with fire detection methods . The novel system simulate the existing fire detection techniques with above given new techniques of fire detection and give optimized way to detect the fire in terms of less false alarms by giving the accurate result of fire occurrence. The strength of using video in fire detection is the ability to monitor large and open spaces. The novel system also give the opportunity to adjust the system by applying different combination of fire detecting techniques which will help in implementation of system according to different sensitive area requirement.

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