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From Blind to Quantitative Steganalysis

NameFrom Blind to Quantitative Steganalysis
Categoryimage processing

A quantitative steganalyzer is an estimator of the number of embedding changes introduced by a specific embedding operation. Since for most algorithms the number of embedding changes correlates with the message length, quantitative steganalyzers are important forensic tools. In this paper, a general method for constructing quantitative steganalyzers from features used in blind detectors is proposed. The core of the method is a support vector regression, which is used to learn the mapping between a feature vector extracted from the investigated object and the embedding change rate. To demonstrate the generality of the proposed approach, quantitative steganalyzers are constructed for a variety of steganographic algorithms in both JPEG transform and spatial domains. The estimation accuracy is investigated in detail and compares favorably with state-of-the-art quantitative steganalyzers.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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