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Location Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer

NameLocation Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer
CategoryMobile Computing

Pervasive existence of the mobile phones has demanded a need for developing variety of light weighted Operating Systems as well as applications that would facilitate user requirements. Of late, smart phones have grown significantly in terms of both processing and user interface which will satisfy the growing ubiquitous demands of user. We strongly perceive that limitations in existing tracking based applications will cripple the scalability of using mobile phones in any location, at any time, by anyone. Hence, demanding the need for Ubiquitous applications to be deployed in a smart phone. This paper aims at developing an integrated application namely Location Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer that will facilitate user with location aware services. Retailers could also publish their product discount information by registering into our authorized web site. All users with this loaded application will reap immense benefit through this application. This intelligent observer module is developed using Jdk 6, Eclipse3.5 (Galileo) and Android 2.2(Froyo), webserver, installed on Windows Operating System. Being at a point of interest (POI), user will be able associate task and view the discount information as mobile alerts. This observer application is integrated into a pervasive device and can form as an integral part of our routine activities.

is ieee
ieee paper year2011
price rangehigh
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