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SSOP: Secure Storage Outsourcing Protocols in Mobile Cloud Computing

NameSSOP: Secure Storage Outsourcing Protocols in Mobile Cloud Computing
Categorycloud computing

With the rapid spread of Smartphones and the development of access technologies such as 3G􀇃4G􀇃Wifi and LTE, mobile cloud computing has greatly enhanced the storage and computing ability of mobile devices. Meanwhile, a series of security problems have been brought in. Recently, Wei Ren et al present resilient storage outsourcing schemes to secure storage outsourcing in mobile cloud computing, which are resilient to storage compromise on mobile devices and do not assume that trusted cloud servers are present. In this paper, we present detailed analysis of these three resilient storage outsourcing schemes-ShS, CoS and EnS proposed by Wei Ren et al and point out these schemes have security vulnerabilities. Afterwards, we propose SSOP (Secure Storage Outsourcing Protocols) which can keep the frame of the former schemes and overcome their security shortages. Finally, we make the security analysis of our improved protocols, which can keep the merits of the former schemes and have higher security.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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