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Secure Storage and Access of Data in Cloud Computing

NameSecure Storage and Access of Data in Cloud Computing
Categorycloud computing

Cloud computing is the most demanded advanced technology throughout the world. It is one of the most significant topic whose application is being researched in today’s time. One of the prominent services offered in cloud computing is the cloud storage. With the cloud storage, data is stored on multiple third party servers, rather than on the dedicated server used in traditional networked data storage. All data stored on multiple third party servers is not cared by the user and no one knows where exactly data saved. It is cared by the cloud storage provider that claims that they can protect the data but no one believes them. Data stored over cloud and flow through network in the plain text format is security threat. This paper proposes a method that allows user to store and access the data securely from the cloud storage. It also guarantees that no one except the authenticated user can access the data neither the cloud storage provider. This method ensures the security and privacy of data stored on cloud. A further advantage of this method is that if there is security breach at the cloud provider, the user’s data will continue to be secure since all data is encrypted. Users also need not to worry about cloud providers gaining access to their data illegally.

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