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A Novel Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System in MANET

NameA Novel Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System in MANET

Intrusion detection System forms a vital component of internet security. To keep pace with the growing trends, there is a critical need to replace single layer detection technology with multi layer detection. Different types of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks thwart authorized users from gaining access to the networks and we tried to detect as well as alleviate some of those attacks. In this paper, we have proposed a novel cross layer intrusion detection architecture to discover the malicious nodes and different types of DoS attacks by exploiting the information available across different layers of protocol stack in order to improve the accuracy of detection. We have used cooperative anomaly intrusion detection with data mining technique to enhance the proposed architecture. We have implemented fixed width clustering algorithm for efficient detection of the anomalies in the MANET traffic and also generated different types of attacks in the network. The simulation of the proposed architecture is performed in OPNET simulator and we got the result as we expected.

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ieee paper year2010
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