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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Maximizing the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Net  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
An Approach to Detect and Prevent SQL Injection Attacks in Database Using Web Service  java  secure computing    2011  view
An Approach to Detect and Prevent SQL Injection Attacks in Database Using Web Service  java  secure computing    2011  view
An effective image steganalysis method based on neighborhood information of pixels  java  image processing    2011  view
An Efficient and Secure Dynamic Auditing Protocol for Data Storage in Cloud Computing  php  cloud computing    2013  view
An Efficient Caching Scheme and Consistency Maintenance in Hybrid P2P System.  java  networking  2012  view
An Efficient Cross-Layer Approach for Malicious Packet Dropping Detection in MANETs  tcl (NS2)  networking    2012  view
An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method  java  secure computing    2016  view
An Enhanced Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network Using Mobile Sink Server  java  networking  2010  view
An Evaluation on Offline Signature Verification using Artificial Neural Network Approach  java  image processing    2014  view
An event-driven platform to manage agility  php  data mining    2013  view
An Exploration of Improving Collaborative Recommender Systems via User-Item Subgroups  java  data mining  2012  view
An extended visual cryptography scheme without pixel expansion for halftone images  java  image processing  2013  view
An IBE-Based Security Scheme on Internet of Things  java  cloud computing    2012  view
An Improved Frequent Pattern Tree Based Association Rule Mining Technique.  java  data mining    2011  view
An Iterative Hierarchical Key Exchange Scheme for Secure Scheduling of Big Data Applications in Cloud Computing  java  secure computing    2013  view
Analysis of Denial-of-Service attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks Using Simulation  tcl (NS2)  networking    2010  view
Analysis of Malicious and Benign Android Applications  android  Mobile Computing    2012  view
Analyzing Network Traffic To Detect Self-Decrypting Exploit Code  tcl (NS2)  networking  2013  view
Anomaly Detection for Discrete Sequences:  java  secure computing  2012  view
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