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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
Location Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer  android  Mobile Computing    2011  view
Location Based Services using Android Mobile Operating System  android  Mobile Computing    2011  view
A New Technique for Enhancement of Color Images by Scaling the Discrete Cosine Transform Coefficients  dotnet  image processing    2011  view
A Secure Electronic Medical Record Sharing Mechanism in the Cloud Computing Platform  php  cloud computing    2011  view
A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Disease-Treatment Relations in Short Texts  php  data mining    2011  view
A Secured Cost-effective Multi-Cloud Storage in Cloud Computing.   dotnet  cloud computing    2011  view
Multi-Level Weighted Sequential Pattern Mining Based on Prime Encoding  java  secure computing    2010  view
Layered Approach Using Conditional Random Fields for Intrusion Detection  java  secure computing    2010  view
A Proxy-based Real-time Protection Mechanism for Social Networking Sites  java  secure computing    2010  view
Security Schemes For Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Sink  java  networking    2010  view
OCRdroid: A Framework to Digitize Text Using Mobile Phones  android  Mobile Computing    2010  view
Mobile Phone Based Drunk Driving Detection  android  Mobile Computing    2010  view
Analysis of Denial-of-Service attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks Using Simulation  tcl (NS2)  networking    2010  view
Secure Authentication using Image Processing and Visual Cryptography for Banking Applications  php  web application    2008  view
Location Based Mobile search Engine   java  Mobile Computing      view
Effective and Efficient Attendance Tracking System Using Secret Code  java  Mobile Computing      view
Lossless image compression based on data folding  java  image processing      view
A chaotic system based fragile watermarking scheme for image tamper detection  java  image processing      view
Linear distance coding for image classification   java  image processing      view
Security Enhancement Scheme for Image Steganography using S-DES Technique  java  image processing      view
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