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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
Fair-Share for Fair Bandwidth location in Cloud Computing  java  cloud computing  2012  view
Fast and accurate annotation of short texts with Wikipedia pages  java  data mining  2012  view
Fast Data Collection in Tree-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.  java  Mobile Computing  2012  view
Fast Matrix Embedding by Matrix Extending.  dotnet  secure computing  2012  view
Fast moving-object detection in H.264/AVC compressed domain for video surveillance  java  image processing  2013  view
Fast nearest Neighbor Browsing & Search with Keywords  php  data mining    2014  view
FireCol: A Collaborative Protection Network for the Detection of Flooding DDoS Attacks  java  networking    2012  view
FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web Forums  java  data mining    2013  view
Fog Computing: Mitigating Insider Data Theft Attacks in the Cloud  java  cloud computing  2012  view
FRAppE: Detecting Malicious Facebook Applications  java  networking    2016  view
From Blind to Quantitative Steganalysis  java  image processing    2012  view
Fully Anonymous Profile Matching in Mobile Social Networks  php  Mobile Computing    2013  view
Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing  dotnet  cloud computing  2010  view
Game-Theoretic Pricing for Video Streaming in Mobile Networks.  java  networking  2012  view
Generative Models for Item Adoptions Using Social Correlation.  dotnet  data mining  2012  view
Genetic algorithm for energy efficient QoS Multicast Routing  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Geo-Social K-Cover Group Queries for Collaborative Spatial Computing  java  data mining    2016  view
Geolocalized Modeling for Dish Recognition  java  Multimedia    2016  view
Google Place Finder  android  Mobile Computing  2012  view
Gossip-based Resource Management for Cloud Environments  java  cloud computing  2012  view
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