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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
Lightweight Sybil Attack Detection in MANETs  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Genetic algorithm for energy efficient QoS Multicast Routing  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Security Analysis and Improvement of a Secure and Distributed Reprogramming Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Mechanisms for Detecting and Preventing Denial of Sleep Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Analyzing Network Traffic To Detect Self-Decrypting Exploit Code  tcl (NS2)  networking  2013  view
Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks  tcl (NS2)  networking    2012  view
  tcl (NS2)  networking    2012  view
Network Traffic Monitoring Using Intrusion Detection System  tcl (NS2)  networking    2012  view
An Efficient Cross-Layer Approach for Malicious Packet Dropping Detection in MANETs  tcl (NS2)  networking    2012  view
A Study of Congestion Aware Adaptive Routing Protocols in MANET  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Nodes self-scheduling approach for maximising wireless sensor network lifetime based on remaining en  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Mobile Sensor Node Deployment and Asynchronous Power Management for Wireless Sensor Networks  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Improving Selfish Node Detection in MANETs Using a Collaborative Watchdog  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Environmental wireless sensor network for road traffic applications  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Distributed Private Key Generation for Identity Based Cryptosystems in Ad Hoc Networks  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Design and Implementation of TARF: A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for WSNs  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Co-operative routing for wireless sensor networks using network coding  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Cooperative download in vehicular environments.  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Maximizing the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Net  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
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