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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
SORT: A Self-ORganizing Trust Model for Peer-to-Peer Systems  java  secure computing    2013  view
SocialTube: P2P-assisted Video Sharing in Online Social Networks  java  secure computing    2015  view
Socialized Gaussian Process Model for Human Behavior Prediction in a Health Social Network  php  data mining    2012  view
Social Cloud Computing: an Opportunity for Technology Enhanced Competence Based Learning  java  cloud computing    2015  view
Slicing A New Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Publishing.  java  data mining  2012  view
Shopping Application System With Near Field Communication (NFC) Based on Android  android  Mobile Computing    2012  view
Shared Authority Based Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing  java  cloud computing    2015  view
SESAME: Smartphone Enabled Secure Access to Multiple Entities  android  Mobile Computing    2013  view
Service Operator-aware Trust Scheme for Resource Matchmaking across Multiple Clouds  java  secure computing    2016  view
Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image.   dotnet  image processing  2012  view
Separable bilateral nonlocal means  java  image processing    2011  view
Sensitive Label Privacy Protection on Social Network Data  java  data mining    2013  view
Semisupervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Interactive Image Retrieval.  dotnet  image processing  2012  view
Semantic-Improved Color Imaging Applications: It Is All About Context  java  Multimedia    2016  view
Selecting Attributes for Sentiment Classification Using Feature Relation Networks  dotnet  data mining  2011  view
Seed Block Algorithm: A Remote Smart Data Back-up Technique for Cloud Computing  java  secure computing    2013  view
Security Tactics for Secured Cloud Computing Resources  java  secure computing    2013  view
Security Schemes For Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Sink  java  networking    2010  view
Security Enhancement using Steganography  java  image processing  2012  view
Security Enhancement Scheme for Image Steganography using S-DES Technique  java  image processing      view
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