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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
m-Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing  java  data mining    2013  view
Mechanisms for Detecting and Preventing Denial of Sleep Attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Mining Contracts for Business Events and Temporal Constraints in Service Engagements  php  data mining    2013  view
Mining Social Media Data for Understanding Students’ Learning Experiences  php  data mining    2013  view
Mining social media for Understanding Women behavior  java  data mining    2014  view
Mining Web Graphs for Recommendations.  dotnet  data mining  2012  view
Mitigating Cross-Site Scripting Attacks with a Content Security Policy  java  secure computing    2016  view
Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service  dotnet  networking  2011  view
Mitigating of fire based disaster using IP  java  image processing    2012  view
MMBcloud-tree: Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection  dotnet  secure computing    2016  view
MobiContext: A Context-aware Cloud-Based Venue Recommendation Framework  java  cloud computing    2016  view
Mobile Crowd Computing with Work Stealing  android  Mobile Computing    2012  view
Mobile Phone Based Drunk Driving Detection  android  Mobile Computing    2010  view
Mobile Sensor Node Deployment and Asynchronous Power Management for Wireless Sensor Networks  tcl (NS2)  NS2  2012  view
Mobile Web Blogging  android  mobile application    view
Modelling and Analysis of Communication Traffic Heterogeneity in Opportunistic Networks  java  Mobile Computing    2016  view
MORPHOSYS: Efficient Colocation of QoS-Constrained Workloads in the Cloud  java  cloud computing    2012  view
Movie Rating and Review Summarization in Mobile Environment  java  Mobile Computing  2012  view
Multi-Level Weighted Sequential Pattern Mining Based on Prime Encoding  java  secure computing    2010  view
Multilevel weighted sequential pattern mining using prime encoding  java  secure computing    view
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