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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
A New Block Compressive Sensing to Control the Number of Measurements  java  image processing  2011  view
Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service  dotnet  networking  2011  view
Authentication Scheme for Session Password using Color Matrix   java  secure computing  2011  view
Coding for Cryptographic Security Enhancement using Stopping Sets  java  secure computing  2011  view
Data integrity proofs in cloud storage  java  secure computing  2011  view
A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks  java  secure computing  2011  view
Privacy-Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential Databases  dotnet  Parallel and Distrib  2011  view
Cost-aware rank join with random and sorted access  dotnet  data mining  2011  view
Dynamic Audit Services for Integrity Verification of Outsourced Storages in Clouds  dotnet  cloud computing  2011  view
Client-side Load Balancer using Cloud  java  cloud computing  2010  view
An Enhanced Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network Using Mobile Sink Server  java  networking  2010  view
Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing  dotnet  cloud computing  2010  view
Efficient Compression of Encrypted Grayscale Images  java  cloud computing  2008  view
Web based elimination of potholes  android  Mobile Computing  view
Post processing for blocking artifact reduction.  java  image processing    view
E-Attendance  php  web application    view
Cloud Service for encryption and decryption  php  web application    view
Health File Live  php  web application    view
Elimination of potholes-   php  web application    view
Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Certificateless Public Keys  tcl (NS2)  NS2    view
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