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Name Technology Name Category Name Rate Ieee Paper Year Actions
Security Architecture for Cloud Networking.  java  networking  2012  view
Security Analysis and Improvement of a Secure and Distributed Reprogramming Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  tcl (NS2)  networking    2013  view
Securing Online Reputation Systems through Dempster-Shafer Theory based Trust Model  java  secure computing    2013  view
Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Certificateless Public Keys  tcl (NS2)  NS2    view
Secure Web Referral Services for Mobile Cloud Computing  java  secure computing    2013  view
Secure Storage and Access of Data in Cloud Computing  php  cloud computing    2012  view
Secure Sharing Of Financial Records With Third Party Application Integration In Cloud Computing  php  secure computing    2013  view
Secure Overlay Cloud Storage with Access Control and Assured Deletion  php  secure computing    2012  view
Secure Information Management Protocol Based on Linguistic Sharing Techniques  java  secure computing    2011  view
Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Filtering out the Attackers Impact  java  networking    2015  view
Secure Authentication using Image Processing and Visual Cryptography for Banking Applications  php  web application    2008  view
Secure And Authenticated Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images  java  image processing    2013  view
SDSM: A Secure Data Service Mechanism in Mobile Cloud Computing  java  secure computing    2011  view
Scaling Laws for Throughput Capacity and Delay in Wireless Networks A Survey  java  networking    2015  view
Scalable Learning of Collective Behavior  dotnet  data mining  2012  view
Scalable Face Image Retrieval using Attribute-Enhanced Sparse Codewords  java  image processing    2013  view
Scalable architecture for multi-user encrypted SQL operations on cloud database services  java  cloud computing    2015  view
Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute-based Encr  dotnet  cloud computing  2012  view
SBVLC: Secure Barcode-based Visible Light Communication for Smartphones  android  Mobile Computing    2016  view
Runtime Defense against Code Injection Attacks Using Replicated Execution  java  secure computing  2012  view
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