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Bridging Social and Data Networks.

NameBridging Social and Data Networks.
Categorydata mining

Social networking applications have emerged as the platform of choice for carrying out a number of different activities online. In addition to their primary target of social interaction, we now also employ such applications to search for information online or to share multimedia content with our friends and families. For instance, according to recent statistics, each of us spends on average 15 min on YouTube every day. Similarly noteworthy is the daily rate of queries that Twitter’s search engine receives: 600 million.These activities generate enormous quantities of data traffic that burdens the underlying transport network. This article describes how social and data networks can be integrated to enable enhancedand cost-effective performance. Such an integrated approach to systems design will become even more important in the near future due to the ongoing convergenceof computer-communication technologies that will further increase the diversity of data-intensive social networking activities.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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