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Modelling and Analysis of Communication Traffic Heterogeneity in Opportunistic Networks

NameModelling and Analysis of Communication Traffic Heterogeneity in Opportunistic Networks
CategoryMobile Computing

For the direct communication between the different mobile device external services is used with the help of wifi and cellular device. In this type communication homogeneous traffic has been assumed.This assumption is generally not true, as node mobility and social characteristics can significantly affect the end-to-end traffic demand between them. Here we found the joint effect of traffic patterns and node mobility on the performance of popular forwarding mechanisms, both analytically and through simulations.Among the different insights stemming from our analysis, we identify conditions under which heterogeneity renders the added value of using extra relays more/less useful. Furthermore, we confirm the intuition that an increasing amount of heterogeneity closes the performance gap between different forwarding policies, making end-to-end routing more challenging in some cases, or less necessary in others.

is ieee
ieee paper year2016
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