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Krishi-Bharati: An Interface for Indian Farmer

Name Krishi-Bharati: An Interface for Indian Farmer
CategoryMobile Computing

Rapid growth in the field of ICT helps in basic aspects of mankind like- agriculture, education, healthcare etc. However, the moderate technical growth of ICT applications is confined to the community of a limited number of people, who live in digital pockets. The illiterate people like – farmer, shopkeeper etc. are unable to take the advantages of the ICT revolution. According to the UNESCO report, population of such people in the globe is 64% who are unable to use the technology either language or technical barrier. Moreover the percentage (76%) must be increased in the context of developing countries. The essential agriculture information is very useful to a farmer for taking effective decision thus we proposed to develop an iconic interface which is integrated with speech based interaction in Indian languages. The proposed interface is critically evaluated with the farmer from different states of India. The evaluation results proved the effectiveness of the proposed interface.

is ieee
ieee paper year2014
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