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Effective and Efficient Attendance Tracking System Using Secret Code

Name Effective and Efficient Attendance Tracking System Using Secret Code
CategoryMobile Computing

Students’ attendance taking and tracking are important in order to monitor students’ performance in class. More often than not, students’ performance is closely related to their attendance. Good attendance usually leads to good performance and vice versa. Therefore, any problems related to students’ attendance should be identified as early as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken to address them. However, tracking students’ attendance, especially if done manually, can be tedious and time consuming, especially for classes will large number of students. Not to mention issues related to attendance taking such as signatures forgery where other students are signing on behalf of their absence friends. To address this issue, a unique and secure attendance tracking system is proposed. The system automates most of the steps involved in tracking students’ attendance. To address the issue of signature forgery, secret code using MD5 hashing algorithm is implemented as part of the system so that each student will be given a unique code each day to be used for signing attendance. Implementation of the system shows that the time taken to track students’ attendance using this system can be significantly reduced and the secret code is able to prevent signature forgery amongst students

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