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An Approach to Detect and Prevent SQL Injection Attacks in Database Using Web Service

NameAn Approach to Detect and Prevent SQL Injection Attacks in Database Using Web Service
Categorysecure computing

SQL injection is an attack methodology that targets the data residing in a database through the firewall that shields it. The attack takes advantage of poor input validation in code and website administration. SQL Injection Attacks occur when an attacker is able to insert a series of SQL statements in to a ‘query’ by manipulating user input data in to a web-based application, attacker can take advantages of web application programming security flaws and pass unexpected malicious SQL statements through a web application for execution by the backend database. This paper proposes a novel specification-based methodology for the prevention of SQL injection Attacks. The two most important advantages of the new approach against existing analogous mechanisms are that, first, it prevents all forms of SQL injection attacks; second, Current technique does not allow the user to access database directly in database server. The innovative technique “Web Service Oriented XPATH Authentication Technique” is to detect and prevent SQLInjection Attacks in database the deployment of this technique is by generating functions of two filtration models that are Active Guard and Service Detector of application scripts additionally allowing seamless integration with currently-deployed systems.

is ieee
ieee paper year2011
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