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A Proxy-based Real-time Protection Mechanism for Social Networking Sites

NameA Proxy-based Real-time Protection Mechanism for Social Networking Sites
Categorysecure computing

In the past few years, social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace become very popular. The usage rage of social networking websites even exceeds that of Google. Followed by the popularity is many potential networking threats. How to prevent and improve these threats to avoid their expansion has become a major challenge. This paper categorizes social networking websites into three main structures: The social network (SN), the network application service (NAS) and the communication interface (CI). Through literacy review, we explore the potential information security threats (IST) that may lead by each layer. We then use security characteristics such as confidentiality, integrity and availability to cross-analyze these threats. The analytical results are presented by graphs and tables to demonstrate the distribution of current security threats for social networking websites.

is ieee
ieee paper year2010
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