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Security Schemes For Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Sink

NameSecurity Schemes For Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Sink

Mobile sinks are vital in many wireless sensor applications for efficient data collection, data querying, and localized sensor reprogramming. Mobile sinks prolong the lifetime of a sensor network. However, when sensor networks with mobile sinks are deployed in a hostile environment, security became a critical issue. They become exposed to varieties of malicious attacks. Thus, anti threats schemes and security services, such as mobile sink’s authentication and pairwise key establishment, are essential components for the secure operation of such networks. Due to the sensors, limited resources designing efficient security schemes with low communication overhead to secure communication links between sensors and MS (Mobile Sink) is not a trivial task. In addition to the sensors limited resources, sink mobility required frequent exchange of cryptography information between the sensors and MS each time the MS updates its location which imposes extra communication overhead on the sensors.

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