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Clustering Methods in Data Mining with its Applications in High Education

NameClustering Methods in Data Mining with its Applications in High Education
Categorydata mining

Data mining is a new technology, developing with database and artificial intelligence. It is a processing procedure of extracting credible, novel, effective and understandable patterns from database. Cluster analysis is an important data mining technique used to find data segmentation and pattern information. By clustering the data, people can obtain the data distribution, observe the character of each cluster, and make further study on particular clusters. In addition, cluster analysis usually acts as the preprocessing of other data mining operations. Therefore, cluster analysis has become a very active research topic in data mining. As the development of data mining, a number of clustering methods have been founded, The study of clustering technique from the perspective of statistics, based on the statistical theories, our paper make effort to combine statistical method with the computer algorithm technique, and introduce the existing excellent statistical methods, including factor analysis, correspondence analysis, and functional data analysis, into data mining.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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