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Shopping Application System With Near Field Communication (NFC) Based on Android

NameShopping Application System With Near Field Communication (NFC) Based on Android
CategoryMobile Computing

The rapid development of mobile communications systems today, along with the changing times and technology, both in terms of hardware, operating system used and the use of Internet bandwidth, making some mobile applications also contribute to exploit these developments. Mobile Commerce Applications for an example, became the most popular applications for mobile users who do not want to trouble yourself with having to carry cash everywhere. An important technology behind mobile payments is called Near Field Communication (NFC). As an indication that NFC represents the potential and tremendous business, leading companies such as Nokia, Microsoft and NXP Semiconductors, actively engaged in the NFC Forum. Shopping application process integrated with NFC technologybased on Android. Shopping application system designed, for the 2 sides: on the user and on the merchant sides, by leveraging the use of handset that already has NFC technology.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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