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Design and Development of Android Mobile Application for Students of Engineering Education in Saudi

NameDesign and Development of Android Mobile Application for Students of Engineering Education in Saudi
CategoryMobile Computing

The main objective of this research paper is to propose a mobile solution for those students who are registered with senior design project capstone course of bachelor engineering technology program of Yanbu Industrial College (YIC), Saudi Arabia. During the process of registration, the students like to choose those projects supervisors who are flexible and committed to them for successful completion of their project at the end of the semester. The supervisor is made to be responsible for handling all the tasks of the project which includes but not limited to the selection of title, methodology, budgeting, analysis and successful tests of the project. Subsequently, the students completely rely on the supervisor and remain unable to learn engineering project management tools and techniques. On the other hand. the advisor remains extensively under pressure and becomes a sandwich between a students and management. To discourage the student's above mentioned attitude towards learning; a mobile application has been designed, developed and tested for android platform. The paper describes the step by step design and development techniques process of m- research application which can be utilized as an integral component of m learning model of engineering education in Saudi Arabia for senior design project anytime and anywhere.

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