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Successful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

NameSuccessful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Categorydata mining

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system consists of different sets of software that are used to integrate the business functions in a company or organization. Given that these solutions provide an integrated solution to the needs of an organization, these systems are in high demand by all organizations. The full potential of these systems can only be realized only if they are successfully implemented. However, the implementation process is costly and time consuming, and thus requires careful planning and organization. If successfully implemented, ERP systems provide many benefits to those organizations that adopt them. On the other hand, if the implementation process is not successful, the venture can prove costly. By examining the existing literature on this topic, this paper focuses on how ERP systems can be successfully implemented in organization and the critical success factors. The information provided in this paper may be used to guide organizations in the implementation of ERP systems.

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ieee paper year2012
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