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Collaboration in Multicloud Computing Environments: Framework and Security Issues

NameCollaboration in Multicloud Computing Environments: Framework and Security Issues
Categorycloud computing

A proposed proxy-based multicloud computing framework allows dynamic, on the fly collaborations and resource sharing among cloud-based services, addressing trust, policy, and privacy issues without preestablished collaboration agreements or standardized interfaces. The recent surge in cloud computing arises from its ability to provide software, infrastructure, and platform services without requiring large investments or expenses to manage and operate them. Clouds typically involve service providers, infrastructure/resource providers, and service users (or clients). They include applications delivered as services, as well as the hardware and software systems providing these services. Cloud computing characteristics include a ubiquitous (network-based) access channel; resource pooling; multitenancy; automatic and elastic provisioning and release of computing capabilities; and metering of resource usage (typically on a pay-per-use basis). Virtualization of resources such as processors, network, memory, and storage ensures scalability and high availability of computing capabilities. Clouds can dynamically provision these virtual resources to hosted applications or to clients that use them to develop their own applications or to store data. Rapid provisioning and dynamic reconfiguration of resources help cope with variable demand and ensure optimum resource utilization.

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