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Video-based Face Recognition on Real-World Data

NameVideo-based Face Recognition on Real-World Data
Categoryimage processing

Abstract In this paper, we present the classification sub-system of a real-time video-based face identification system which recognizes people entering through the door of a laboratory. Since the subjects are not asked to cooperate with the system but are allowed to behave naturally, this application scenario poses many challenges. Continuous, uncontrolled variations of facial appearance due to illumination, pose, expression, and occlusion need to be handled to allow for successful recognition. Faces are classified by a local appearance-based face recognition algorithm. The obtained confidence scores from each classification are progressively combined to provide the identity estimate of the entire sequence. We introduce three different measures to weight the contribution of each individual frame to the overall classification decision. They are distanceto- model (DTM), distance-to-second-closest (DT2ND), and their combination. Both a k-nearest neighbor approach and a set of Gaussian mixtures are evaluated to produce individual frame scores. We have conducted closed set and open set identification experiments on a database of 41 subjects. The experimental results show that the proposed system is able to reach high correct recognition rates in a difficult scenario.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
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