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Tracking Temporal Community Strength in Dynamic Networks

NameTracking Temporal Community Strength in Dynamic Networks
CategoryMobile Computing

we define a new problem of tracking the progression of the community strength-a novel measure that reflects the community robustness and coherence throughout the entire observation period. To achieve this goal, we propose a novel framework which formulates the problem as an optimization task.The proposed community strength analysis also provides foundation for a wide variety of related applications such as discovering how the strength of each detected community changes over the entire observation period. To demonstrate that the proposed method provides precise and meaningful evolutionary patterns of communities which are not directly obtainable from traditional methods, we perform extensive experimental studies on one synthetic and five real datasets: Social evolution, tweeting interaction, actor relationships, bibliography, and biological datasets. Experimental results show that the proposed approach is highly effective in discovering the progression of community strengths and detecting interesting communities.

is ieee
ieee paper year2016
price rangemedium
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