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SDSM: A Secure Data Service Mechanism in Mobile Cloud Computing

NameSDSM: A Secure Data Service Mechanism in Mobile Cloud Computing
Categorysecure computing

To enhance the security of mobile cloud users, a few proposals have been presented recently. However we argue that most of them are not suitable for mobile cloud where mobile users might join or leave the mobile networks arbitrarily. In this paper, we design a secure mobile user-based data service mechanism (SDSM) to provide confidentiality and fine-grained access control for data stored in the cloud. This mechanism enables the mobile users to enjoy a secure outsourced data services at a minimized security management overhead. The core idea of SDSM is that SDSM outsources not only the data but also the security management to the mobile cloud in a trust way. Our analysis shows that the proposed mechanism has many advantages over the existing traditional methods such as lower overhead and convenient update, which could better cater the requirements in mobile cloud computing scenarios.

is ieee
ieee paper year2011
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