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Policy-by-Example for Online Social Networks.

NamePolicy-by-Example for Online Social Networks.

We introduce two approaches for improving privacy policy management in online social networks. First, we introduce a mechanism using proven clustering techniques that assists users in grouping their friends for group based policy management approaches. Second, we introduce a policy management approach that leverages a user's memory and opinion of their friends to set policies for other similar friends. W refer to this new approach as Same-As Policy Management.To demonstrate the effectiveness of our policy management improvements, we implemented a prototype Facebook application and conducted an extensive user study. Leveraging proven clustering techniques, we demonstrated a 23% reduction in friend grouping time. In addition, we demonstrated considerable reductions in policy authoring time using Same- As Policy Management over traditional group based policy management approaches. Finally, we presented user perceptions of both improvements, which are very encouraging.

is ieee
ieee paper year2012
price rangemedium
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