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Enhancing security and confidentiality in locationbased data encryption algorithms

NameEnhancing security and confidentiality in locationbased data encryption algorithms
Categorysecure computing

With rapid growing of mobile networks and devices we can use them to send email, mobile commerce, theatre booking, etc. In such scenario, we need to Secure Communication. Secure communication is possible through encryption of data. However, most of the existing data encryption techniques are location-independent. Data encrypted with such techniques cannot restrict the location and time of data decryption. The concept of "Geoencryption" or "location-based encryption" is being developed for such a purpose. In this paper, we are going to investigate weaknesses in existing Geoencryption systems and propose some solutions for increasing the safety and reliability in these systems. For this purpose we present a new geoencryption protocol that will allow mobile nodes to communicate to each other safely by restrict decoding a message in the specific location and time. Receiver can only decrypt the Ciphertext when the coordinate acquired form GPS receiver matches with the target coordinate. According to our experimental study, the approach can meet the confidentiality, authentication, simplicity, and practicability of security issues. As a result, the proposed approaches can improve the security and confidentiality in Geoencryption systems.

is ieee
ieee paper year2011
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