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Dispersing Instant Social Video Service Across Multiple Clouds

NameDispersing Instant Social Video Service Across Multiple Clouds
Categorysecure computing

A fundamental problem of cloud-based social video sharing service is that users are located globally, who cannot be served with good service quality with a single cloud provider.Here we investigate the easibility of dispersing instant social video contents to multiple cloud providers.The challenge is that inter-cloud social propagation is indispensable with such multi-cloud social video hosting, yet such inter-cloud traffic incurs substantial operational cost. We analyze and formulate the multi-cloud hosting of an instant social video system as an optimization problem. We conduct large-scale measurement studies to show the characteristics of instant social video deployment, and demonstrate the trade-off between satisfying users with their ideal cloud providers, and reducing the inter-cloud data propagation.

is ieee
ieee paper year2016
price rangemedium
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