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Client-side Load Balancer using Cloud

NameClient-side Load Balancer using Cloud
Categorycloud computing

Web applications' tra c demand uctuates widely and un- predictably. The common practice of provisioning a xed capacity would either result in unsatis ed customers (un- derprovision) or waste valuable capital investment (overpro- vision). By leveraging an infrastructure cloud's on-demand, pay-per-use capabilities, we nally can match the capacity with the demand in real time. This paper investigates how we can build a large-scale web server farm in the cloud. Our performance study shows that using existing cloud compo- nents and optimization techniques, we cannot achieve high scalability. Instead, we propose a client-side load balanc- ing architecture, which can scale and handle failure on a milli-second time scale. We experimentally show that our architecture achieves high throughput in a cloud environ- ment while meeting QoS requirements.

is ieee
ieee paper year2010
price rangemedium
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