Welcome to Project Solutions !

Project Solutions is the leading final year engineering project providers for IT and Computer Science students across India

  1. Step 1 : You submit your customized project requirements to our sales team
  2. Step 2 : Our technical team studies your requirements and analyze its feasibility”
  3. Step 3 : Post feasibility study, our sales team gets in touch with you to confirm the project
  4. Step 4 : Post confirmation, our sales team plans and structures your project modules for implementation and delivery
  5. Step 5 : At regular intervals, you can have discussions related to your final year project with our technical team and clarify your doubts or concerns related to it
  6. Step 6 : Meanwhile, our technical team will develop your project as per the requirements and test the final product for its perfect functioning
  7. Step 7 : The final executable code is delivered to you in modules or complete set based on your preferences conveyed to sales team
  8. Step 8 : The delivery of the project is accompanied with a comprehensive explanation of the code
  9. Step 9 : Post delivery and explanation, you can analyze your code, test it and raise queries or doubts related to it to our support team
  10. Step 10 : Our support team will assist you for your queries and will be available 24/7 for your help