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Project Solutions is the leading final year engineering project providers for IT and Computer Science students across India

    We develop projects for IT and Computer Science students
    We serve IT and Computer Science students from BE, BTech, ME, MTech and PHD. We are flexible to deliver projects to students hailing from other fields too.
    You can browse our project list to select your topic or you can get in touch with sales team to help you with topic selection
    Our project list is made after analyzing hundreds of IEEE and conference papers every year. We endeavor to bring the best in the industry to you
    We provide projects based on popular technologies like java, Android, c++, Ns2, php, Dot net etc. And cover vivid categories like cloud computing, mobile computing, data mining, networking, image processing etc. You can check our project list for more details
    Yes, we develop customised projects based on the requirements/paper you specify. Our technical team analyzes the feasibility of the project before confirming it at our end
    The cost of the project varies depending upon the complexity of the project you select from the list
    No, the project payment is done in parts or installments. A certain percentage of the project amount is to be paid at the time of project confirmation while the pending payment is to be made in easy installments.
    Yes, all our projects (including customised projects) are provided with line by line project explanation. Our developers also share the references and links that they referred while developing the project
    Students have the facility to select the way they are comfortable or the way that suits best for their college demonstration. We are comfortable with either of the ways
    We provide all the documents related to project that we have at our vicinity. Since the requirements and pattern of documentation varies from college to college, you can refer our provided documentation to achieve it. Likewise, our team is always available to assist you wherever you get stuck or need help
    Yes, we provide projects to students located in far off regions. In fact, 70% of the projects confirmed to us are from students from distant regions.
    We use popular applications like Team Viewer and Skype for the delivery and support of the projects. We are constantly in touch with our clients through telephone to comprehend their needs from time to time.
    Our support starts from the time you confirm the project to us and continues till your final presentation day
    Yes, we assist you with the changes and in most of the cases walk an extra mile and deliver the changes without any additional charges. But in case the changes go beyond the project scope, we charge additional nominal charge. While quoting this additional charge our team justifies the amount and ensures that its reasonably priced
    You can reach us through either of our contact nos. or fill one of our lead forms. We are always eager to assist you

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