Choosing the topic for final year project has always been a difficult job for students, it doesn’t matter whether they belong to diploma or bachelor or masters. Everyone runs their muscles hard to finalize or get at least a topic which is genuine, strong and will be acceptable, understandable and above all should be feasible to develop it. Usually students search it out in google directly to get information about recent topics and trends moving around in their field.

Many university restricted their students to follow only national or international conference paper which are released as these papers are quite updated with recent technologies and are published with high level of base research. Choosing a topic from this conferences possesses high level or chances to get approve in college as your final year project. Also as the paper provide bit of base knowledge, students having a hold on that domain can make use of the content or information provided and can easily go ahead with development procedure.
Implementation of a project in a group or doing it in alone always has pros and cons and according to percentage graph accumulated from all colleges. An average percentage of 12% of the students complete their project on their own stand.

So where rest 88% are?
Rest all get stuck either in finalizing the project requirement, knowing what exactly they have to do, some brains get fused just to plan from where to start the project, some get lost in their half way either for technical reasons or out of time.
Completing a project within the specific deadline and along with it carrying out the academic work imported an intense pressure in students back.
Looking into these consequences students of all stream and levels started working in an un-ordered way i.e they started outsourcing the project.
Nowadays there are many institutes or organization who set their base in developing these academic projects for students. Selecting the best organization and firms who can develop your project with matched requirement within the deadline is also a challenge for students.

What factors we should look upon while selecting the organization providing complete development of final year project for BE, ME or any other level.
1. They should take your requirement seriously or should emphasis on requirement of project
2. They should open up the flow of project delivery and their way of working
3. They should be able to deliver the project within the specifies timeline or deadline.
4. They should help you in knowing the terms and internal development of project in a brief, so an explanation session of project is must.
5. They should hold their support or help us till the time complete project work get end from academic side.

Above mention are some of the top and must seen pointers while choosing a project provider for your final year.

I have seen one institute or organization which does work and stick to many more of such pointers religiously. Project Solutions based in Mumbai, India.
They got polished team and developer who are quite profession in developing final year projects for computer science and IT, so it means they are completely into software based projects. Students can consult this people very well to get a supportive edge in their project need.



Importance of Final year project:

-          It is no surprise that information technology and computer science are the leading branches in engineering in India. These are the branches which can offer you a higher package from the company.

-          At the time of your placement interview final year project is the main aspect of your degree. Final year project is the aspect which describes the meaning of your degree, your existence as an engineer.

-          It is necessarily used as your gateway to industry and to discriminate you among your peers. So this is the reason for paying too much attention for the final year project as a crucial assessment. Your success in this task highly depends on your supervision, which is helpful and encouraging for your career.

-          In This Session I Will Give You The Start To End Guidence For Your Project Implementation.

-          At the start of the semester there are number of questions that arise in your mind like

  • Which technology should I choose for my project?
  • Which  is the proper topic for me?
  • Which kind of tools should I choose?
  • How to accomplish the project report?

Project selection:

-          First of all there is the main concern of your college In the project selection procedure, as some of institutes publish the list of project title at the start of the 7th semester.

-          Nowadays, in most of the institutes final year projects are based on IEEE publish journal. This aspect improves the weightage of your profile. Due to this, your project gets a standard and also clears your aim of the project.

-          Apart from this, you can also suggest your own idea or  topic for your final year project, but here  you have to verify whether your topic or idea is eligible as a degree level project.

So here I advise you to go for the IEEE journal based topic, which will give you the extra weightage for your project.

In the next session we discuss about to choose the Technology for the project.