Selecting your final year project is the most crucial part of the entire engineering course. It not only reflects your learning and studies during the entire 4 years but also tests your capabilities as a student in terms of innovation, pressure handling and proper management of time and resources.

Following are 10 factors and tips which a student should keep in mind while choosing a final year project, especially, the IT and Computer Science students.

1. Programming Language Used:

It should always be a platform with an independent language like Java, .PHP, etc. so that the project can run on every platform.


2. Low or No Involvement of Hardware:

For BE or BTech in Computer Science or IT, code is more important than hardware. So what is the point in wasting time and effort in hardware and score fewer marks?


3. Less or No Involvement of Wireless Networks:

Wireless networks like WLAN can stop working any time. Imagine if it crashes or stops functioning on your project presentation day. We hence, recommend avoiding wireless networks.


4. Less But Working Code is Better Than Bulky Non Working Code:

Many students feel “more the code the better it is”. However, this concept is absolutely wrong. The most important of all is that your project should work properly on your project presentation day. Bulky codes sometimes lead to halt situation or can fail the whole system if small unreachable error occurs.


5. Include Only Relevant Features

Do not add features which are not relevant to your project e.g. in “Toll booth”, project has feature of “Location Sharing”, whereas, it should be “Invoice/Bill Management”.


6. Sufficient Resources

Always keep in mind that while making the project you have sufficient resources like laptops, tools required to develop the project, etc. Because even your best friend won’t give you a laptop on the final day, even if he/she has promised!


7. Regular Backups

Remember our systems can crash anytime! So maintain backups regularly as you will not like to repeat the same year because of some stupid virus.

8. No “I” in Project Team

Keep in mind that a project cannot be completed by one person only. So, even if you have any issues with your team-mate, just forget about it!

 9. Planning is Better

Never start a project without planning properly about it. Gather all the information, research well and then go for your selected project. You cannot change the project once the sheet has been sent to University.

 10. It’s Impossible to have a Bug Free Project! – Really?

If you think, now that you have finished the project so you can be free, then, sorry but the answer is No. Actually, now is right time to detect the bugs till your presentation day to have a properly performing and perfect project to showcase.

Do remember that your projects can be your key to success in placements so pick them cautiously. Hope that the above tips will help you to choose your project wisely.